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Affordable Renovations
Honesty, Integrity, Accountability - these are the cornerstones of our company.
Too many contractors are cutting corners wherever they can and overcharging or overextending the time frame of jobs. In the long run this leads to further unnecessary expense as the jobs are corrected or redone entirely. A good example of this is in the medical field where a surgeon must perform the operation perfectly the first time as future surgeries in the affected area are far more difficult to perform and will often require a far longer recovery time. This is known as “scar tissue”, and unfortunately we have seen plenty of this “scar tissue” on buildings which were attended to by previous contractors who cut corners and used cheap materials. Here at Affordable Group we will only use the highest quality materials which are approved both locally and internationally. This way we can always guarantee that the job will hold strong years after completion. Nobody is perfect, and we are more than willing to accept responsibility for our mistakes if and when they occur. No matter what it takes, we will resolve all such problems quickly with no extra cost to you. This way you can rest assured that you get what you paid for.


Affordable Property Renovations aims to become the most highly trusted and recommended construction, property maintenance and repair provider in South Africa.
We will ensure your project is taken care of from the initial quotation and planning stage right up until the final delivery and cleanup. Whether you manage a large corporation, cozy motel, school, church, residential complex or private house - we have the skills and tools to keep your property in perfect condition, year after year.
We will achieve these lofty goals through creating a culture of continuous ongoing refinement and improvement of all business systems. Our company believes in training our staff yearly and upskilling them to face new challenges as they arise. In this constantly evolving industry, knowledge combined with solid work experience is key. Many of our tradesman have great skill in their area of expertise, but simply do not possess the know how to cope in the corporate world.
Through training we enable these individuals to reach their greatest potential, while helping you reach yours.

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